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Featuring Friendly’s Ice Cream Cakes

Cool Mama's carries only quality products, made from the finest ingredients. Good Humor, Breyers and Prairie Farms ice cream companies make most of our ice cream. Here's a list of our products

Products in Our Store
Ice Cream Cones:
"Big Dip, Little Dip"

Turtle Sundae -
"Eat this one slooow"

Brownie Sundae -
"More chocolate, more fun!"

Shakes - Malts:
"Shake it up, Baby"

Banana Split:
"The Grand Master"

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Products on the Truck
Ben & Jerry's Cups:
-Chocolate Fudge Brownie
-Chocolate Cookie Dough
(Our best ice cream in a cup)
Ben & Jerry's Cherrie Garcia Bar
(Jerry would be proud!)
Good Humor Oreo Ice Cream Bar
King Cone
(Takes the crown!)
Sponge Bob Square Pants
(No kiddin' here.)
Reese's Bar
(Always a favorite.)
Klondike Original
(The original!)
Klondike Choco Taco
Snicker Bar
(tee hee hee...)
Chocolate Éclair
(I do declare, "Great Pick")
Strawberry Shortcake
(Aunties fav)
Ice Cream Bar
Ice Cream Sandwich
(Elvis' favorite)
Sundae Cone
(It's good any day of the week!)
Popsicle Lick-A-Color
(Simply delicious!)
(ummm... H-TWO-O!)

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